Waiting For The Next Sunspot Cycle: 2019-2030

Waiting For The Next Sunspot Cycle: 2019-2030.
Article by:  Dr. Sten Odenwald  Astronomer, NASA Heliophysics Education Consortium

Forecasters are already starting to make predictions for what might be in store as our sun winds down its current sunspot cycle in a few years. Are we in for a very intense cycle of solar activity, or the beginning of a century-long absence of sunspots and a rise in colder climates?”  See the entire article via this link.

Radio Room Face Lift

My radio room renovations are almost completed.  All audio cables have been replaced with Starquad cables and Neutrik connectors.  All coaxial patches were also replaced with RG213 Belden MILSPEC cables, Silver-Plated Brass PL-259 antenna connectors and high quality toroid cores.  A grounding copper plate was installed using a star point scheme to a main grounding source.  I also rearranged my station with improved ergonomic operating positions in mind.  All transceivers and the wide-band scanner are now connected to a PC based audio spectrum analyzer and one audio recording source. 

Overall a successful day with the exception my base station VHF/UHF antenna is down after 12 years of faithful service.  Fortunately my SWR/Watt meter gave me an early warning sign of high SWR and loss of reflected power in time and thus preventing any damages to the transceivers.

My Maritime ATU

This afternoon my SEA maritime ATU was down for routine maintenance inspection.  I used the opportunity to replace the RG58 coax patch inside the tuner with an RG213 coaxial cable.  Unfortunately my inventory of antenna plugs reveled no N-connectors so I decided to keep the PL-259´s for now.  The SEA 1612C is a versatile, fully automatic microprocessor-based antenna tuner. Upon the first receiver impulse, the transceiver initiates a rapid microprocessor controlled search/match procedure that determines antenna characteristics and inter-connects the proper elements for optimum match and power transfer.  The SEA 1612C is housed in a weatherproof molded case designed to withstand rugged environmental conditions encountered aboard ship while mounted on the external weather decks thus an ideal solution for the Icelandic harsh weather conditions.  The tuner is connected to a 43 feet horizontal antenna with the ground connected to a metal roof acting as an ideal counterpoise and will without any effort tune the 43 feet wire to any frequency ranging from 160M to 10M.  RF power handling capability is 150 Watts PEP. 

ACOM in the Shack

This week the long awaited ACOM 1000 arrived.  I purchased this HF linear after an in-depth analysis and reviews by pleased customers worldwide and the rock solid reputation ACOM in Bulgaria has achieved for their products and excellent customer service.  Looking forward to the ride. 

ACOM 1000