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Prepare for your Amateur Radio License Test


Amateur Radio Practice Exams in Plain Language:

*No Beating around the Bush!

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*Definition includes:  To talk about something in a roundabout or in a confusing way.

GibiliscoFollowing is a sample of a very skilful instructor.  Mr. Stan Gibilisco W1GV, explains the Inverted L antenna for 160m.  Diagnosed as a visual learner and a non-graduate in communication engineering, I am a great admire of Mr. Gibilisco´s professional instructor´s style.

STAN GIBILISCO’S complete bibliography: See (link)

Are Ham Radio Operators Snobbish?


Stan Gibilisco is a nonfiction writer.  He has authored books in the fields of electronics, general science, mathematics, and computing.  He began his career in 1977 as a radio technician and editorial assistant at the headquarters of the American Radio Relay League in Newington, Connecticut.  Later he worked as a radio-frequency design engineer and technical writer for industry.

In 1982, Stan began writing for TAB Books with editorial offices in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.  One of the books that he compiled for TAB, the Encyclopedia of Electronics, was named by the American Library Association (ALA) in its list of “Best References of the 1980s.”  Another of his books, the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing, was named as a “Best Reference of 1996” by the ALA.

In 2012, Stan started publishing instructional and technical videos on YouTube.  His channel now has more than 1000 videos on electronics, physics, mathematics, alternative energy, and amateur radio.

Stan lives in Lead, South Dakota, home of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory.  He is an active ham radio operator with the call sign W1GV.